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Our Story
In 2001, I was up to my ears in running my software business (lawn maintenance software clip.com). My employees would constantly be interrupting me, asking me questions, needing my help. Software technicians would take months to train and just when they were getting good, they would up and quit. I needed to do something. I shut my door, thought long and hard, and came up with Know-it-All. Every time an employee asked me a question, I would immediately put it in Know-it-All and tell them to go look there. I never had to answer the same question twice. Soon they stopped bugging me. In eight months my staff had decreased by 50% and my production had gone up by 10%. I was able to travel and spend more time with my family. My business ran smoother. It worked. I hope you love it as much as I do.

What does it do?
KnowItAll rapidly provides answers and solutions to people who have information needs and access rights by simply using key word searches. Never again spend unnecessary time and money on sharing important pieces of information with the right people at the right time!
But everyone in my office always knows where everything is...

A lot of this knowledge is in other people’s minds and could disappear with sometimes less than a two week notice. What then? Are you confident that all of the information will be left with the company if that employee leaves? Knowitall can also

Why is KnowItAll Different?
Most document and knowledge management systems require remembering tree structures to find information.

More Great Features
Import Documents

KnowItAll allows you to link existing documents and assign key words with a few clicks of your mouse.


Users can scan in documents, photos, receipts, and any other piece of information you wish; ultimately creating a paperless office.
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Store & Link Websites
Easily attach a web site address, user name and password for that site enabling you to go directly to the site without having to remember the address or login information.
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Maps & Directions
Through the contact information feature, KnowItAll will retrieve a map and driving directions using the contacts address. Knowledge Management – Users can store and easily retrieve tidbits of information such as passwords, technical support, important ID# and licenses#, employee birthdays and anniversaries.
KnowItAll enables users to send emails with or without attachments to their Outlook contacts, KnowItAll contacts, or internal user contacts.
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Article security can be set to determine which users or user groups have access to each article.
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User groups can be established for article notification and document distribution to users within the office or at other locations via you internet connection. (Multi-Site Enterprise Version Only) Contacts Feature – Business and personal contact information with photo can be stored an accessed for emailing and written correspondence.
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